The Senate must pass election security funding now

In his report and recent testimony before Congress, former special counsel Robert Mueller gave a clear warning: Our election system remains highly vulnerable to outside interference, and Russia and other foreign adversaries are currently working to undermine future elections.

Mueller’s investigation found that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, sowing disunity and spreading misinformation to sway the outcome in Trump’s favor. Mueller also found that the Russians conducted cyber attacks on voting machine manufacturers and boards of elections in multiple states, with a recent Senate Intelligence Committee report confirming that they in fact did so in all 50 states. Mueller’s findings led to at least seven guilty pleas and convictions and 37 indictments, many of which were criminal indictments against Russian nationals who committed these cyber attacks. Yet even in the face of this overwhelming evidence, the Senate has failed to pass adequate election security funding measures.

The House of Representatives recently passed a bill that will give states $600 million in election security funding to replace outdated voting equipment with systems that use voter-verified paper ballots. This is our best shot at verifying vote counts and safeguarding election outcomes against cyber attacks -- which is why the Senate must join the House in allocating $600 million to states.

Tell your senators to pass much-needed election security funding for states before it’s too late. Use our CallOut tool to tweet or email your senator and demand they support this critical legislation now.